M5 VFX PRG 2. Projectile

M5VFXRPG2. Projectile includes stylish stylized projectiles that can be applied to RPG or various games.
The package includes levels that you can play with projectiles made from beam particles, ribbon particles, and more.

Trailer & Test Play:

-----------------------------------Work process---------------------------

M5VFXRPG.2 projectile asset works started.

I share the project test map. UE4 ver (4.15 ~ 4.20)


crosshair: AutoTarget
LMB: Launch
RMB: fixed object lock-on object
: Cancel of fixed lock-on target (without object targeting)

Blog : https://fxrnd.tistory.com
M5VFX series on Marketplace :


in progressing…
Twin Tail projectile.


This is fantastic @plug5. Going to grab your google drive file and peak at how you went about solving this. Very cool

Projectile Wave move

It is difficult to create this movement with Ribbon Particles alone in Unreal.
It is not perfect, but you can make it with a point attractor.

Even in point attractors, ribbon particles are not aligned in local space.
This is an already known issue.

In the Unreal Engine, the subuv texture can not be applied to the beam material.
Typically used to apply the texture distortion in the beam material.
To use a sequence texture, you need to create a flipbook or a separate expression.
I used RGB channels with 3 sequences to create satisfactory results.

Left :RGB channel
Right: Flipbook expression

Using RGB channel

Using flipbook


M5VFXRPG2. projectile Preview
It was difficult to set the projectile type for production.


Job done.

Trailer & Test Play.

BP Guide:

Test Play Guide:


Amazing work! I really like seeing the variety of effects in the pack.

Since your finished with this, it might fit better in the marketplace category as opposed to WIP category. Feel free to edit your topic when you get a chance! Congrats on finishing this up!

Category moved.
Thank you for checking.

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what texture did you use for color mask…

It seems like a difficult question to explain in a word.
There is a description of the beam material.
Note please.

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i was asking about this texture that changing frequently… check image… it will be very helpfull if you can tell…

It is an enlarged image of R, G, B Noise image.
The color value of the enlarged pixel in the image is combined with the beam image and output.
So, you can make a random beam image according to the synthesized color.


thnx a lot… really helpfull…:slight_smile: