Lush: Sketch #31


Hi there! Sketch #31. More ice.

The main reference for the effect is this strange ice phenomena, where methane bubbles form under the ice and they explode creating some awesome flames.

I really like the “floating” spiky blue flame. Plus, I’ll be adding some icy elements to it. :ice_cube:

Then, I’ll explore new ways to play with those elements!


Made some progress!

Got the basic scene setup plus the base material I’ll be using to create the icy surface. Obviously, just a WIP.

My aim for this sketch is to keep it simple. I’d like to explore some ice textures, shapes and forms.

Next step: Substance Designer fun! RnD time.


Color correcting the scene and applying some basic post-processing at the moment.

Also, changed the Unreal logo in the mannequin’s chest with the Realtime VFX logo :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lookdev! I really like the penumbra setting. I will use that one plus an “overcast with almost no shadows” setting to flavour things up.

By the way, this reminds me of…

Substances have been designed! I used some of my fav nodes to create this, such as Slope Blur or Edge Detect.

Here’s the material in context. I really liked the penumbra scene, but I went for a “blue hour” look instead. I wanted the ice to look mystical, glowing with bioluminescence.

The material is a bit expensive though, but since it is a key part of this “mimic” scene I went a bit OTT with it.

Enough materials and environment stuff. Let the effects begin.