Looking for feedback

Hey everyone,

I’m currently about 6 months into teaching myself VFX using Unreal Engine 4, Maya, and Photoshop. I was just looking for some feedback into an effect that I made last week. Let me know what you think and what could make it better. You can check it out here:


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Hey dude, this is a good start. I recommend chilling out on the sparks. Sparks are normally the cherry on top of the effect rather than the bulk of it. Try practicing making impacts without them. Sparks work very well as a point of detail that lingers. They dont hold up very well when they are they primary effect.

Try adding a little more directionality to the impact also. You have a high speed projectile flying into an object yet all the smoke stays completely still : P

Another thing you could try is emit those circlular meshes faster. Then spawn one longer lasting one. It will help ease the effect out instead of having one large shape dispersing all at once.

You may want to speed up the start of the animation too. It looks kinda weird how the trail circles around the player sphere quite slowly then rockets off forwards. That or play some effect for when the trail takes off. Like its being shot out of a gun.