Looking for feedback - Character VFX

Hi everyone, I am just starting as a VFX artist and did some systems for one of my characters. I implemented them in a quick gameplay and would like your honnest feedback. Let me know what you think! https://youtu.be/IBI87gBSKRo

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There you go, sorry!

Hello ! :smiley:

The slash effect feel too weird, you should add some texture to it. And for better effect I recommend you to use a mesh instead of the trail particle :slight_smile:
Take a deep look at this amazing thread by Shannon Shannon McSheehan - LoL FX + Knowledge Share. She explains a bunch of stuff about the magic behind great vfx (trails for example).

Then your character has golden wings and summon a golden halo from the sky but the glow is blue, why ? For my she is supposed to have a golden glow. If you want to add blue to your effect that’s nice, but things can be in 2 colors, not just yellow or blue. You can add subtle blue to your effect without distracting the player.
Take another look at the vfx bible which is here Official League of Legends VFX Style Guide

You can add some feather falling from her wings, don’t hesitate to add subtle things. When she lands, when she jumps, etc :slight_smile: the best game for TPS stylish vfx reference (for me) is Zelda BOTW. On youtube you can watch at 0.25 and frame by frame using β€œ,” and β€œ;” (very useful).

You get good stuff for now, keep on, it’ll pay :smiley:

Also you can add gif (I use OBS to record my screen and Giphy https://giphy.com/ to create my gif, but everyone has is own setup).


Great comments, it really helps, thank you!

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