Official League of Legends VFX Style Guide

After lot’s of careful iteration and thought, we’ve finally released our official League of Legends style guide to the public! Principal Artist Jin Yang put a ton of time and effort into making this happen so huge props to him on taking the extra time and effort to polish it up and make it so pretty! Wooo! :heart_eyes:

For best viewing of the video material within the guide, download and open it up on your desktop!


If you have any questions about the guide or style within League of Legends, feel free to ask them below and we’ll do our best to chime in!


THIS IS AWESOME! Thanks for the link!

I saw this pop up on Twitter, thank you so much!! I’ll be putting it to good use

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I’ve never downloaded a pdf that fast in my life. This is truely awesome guys. Thanks a ton for this :smile:


Looks great! Thanks.

Great job by Jin! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks for sharing :smiley:

This is great, thanks! : )

Awesome! Thank you so much! <3

Didn’t see this coming! Best way to start off a day, thanks!!

Thanks for this awesome guide: I find it very well done and interesting!