LiuYongJie 特效设计 游戏特效设计图



Super awesome! Great job.

Beautiful work! Very inspiring! :smiley:

wow! <3 that is great concept art!

Thank you very much. Let’s work together

Thank you very much. Let’s work together

very cool! I love the color combinations and the type of skill attacks you went for :smiley: very unique approach !

I LOVE the shapes and colors of these!

where did you learn this? are there specific vfx concept art courses? are you self-thaught?

I have studied with teachers


Absolutely stunning work! Really inspirational! :blush:

Nicely done. Looking forward to see more. 现在在哪工作啊 ?

在福州工作呢 !!!

你学的是哪个老师的课程呢?谢谢 收藏了1141111


Juicy 5 Kevins out of 5 !

This is awesome. Please, teach me.

These concept are so beautiful!!!:drooling_face::drooling_face:
the shapes, the colours, the contrast… everything just perfect :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:
thanks for sharing

Those look fantastic. Can’t wait to see some actual effects using the concepts!

These are amazing :slight_smile: