Liquid Bottle Simulation VFX

Thought I’d share my first product on Gumroad. Let me know of any issues with the Asset. More content and improvements will be added soon:
Full product demo:

Main Simulation:
Physics test as well as Translucent version showcase:
Fill Amount Controls:
Water appears on lid:
Rotation Test:
Positon Test:


Hi! Great motion! But that foam ring looks strange. Isn’t it better to make the foam ring and top of the liquid (backfases of the liquid mesh) the same color? If the bottle will be cubic, are the edges of the cube bottle will be visible inside liquid? Or are you using the same trick as these guys with the normals of backfaces of the liquid material?

you can change the inner liquid color to pure white in the material instance. I’ve made it pretty customizable as much as I can think of but I just wanted to showcase that you can change the inner liquid if needed. I wanted to make it emulate real-life liquid color where the top of the liquid tends to have a slightly different tint from the sides.

As for the cubic question, it uses 2 sided materials and I’ve aligned my textures to world space (tri-planar mapping) and used fresnel to help define the edges. I’ve also made it emissive so lighting information is removed to fit the stylized theme. it can be changed to lit in the master material if you want the lighting. I’ve also made a translucent version (see artstation link) made with 2 models one for the outer liquid and one for the inner liquid (you get horrible artifacts when enabling 2 sided materials with translucency at the same time).

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