Limeslushie: Sketch #27 Fire

Hey guys, I have some time on my hands so I figured I should give this sketch a try.

The plan is to make some kind of fire awakening sequence.
I’m going for a low fps anime esc effect.
Next step is blocking out the sequence.

Thanks for watching!

Latest Update:


Looks great so far Limeslushie :new_moon_with_face:


Did you just paint a couple different fire textures and then have them constantly spawning, or is that just a stretched out flipbook?

Its two vertical billboards, differently scaled. The movement is from UV panning. Firewire01


Awesome, thanks for sharing!

Really fun shapes in the fire so far!

Awesome fire tile man , keep it up!:+1:

Update! Basic sequence done.

I’m trying to figure out what kind of Impact FX I want. Right now there’s only debris.
I’ll look into the Impacts and make some textures. Maybe add some smoke and some sparks.
Got to work on the ending aswell, I want the fade to be smooth.
I’m not completely satisfied with the current fire trails, so i’ll have a look at them aswell.

Thanks for watching!


Holy heck this is looking awesome!!

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Added some impacts and beams.
Made a new texture for the trails,
here’s my process for texturing trails:

  1. Start with a general movement pattern.
  2. Fill it with shapes and make sure it tiles.
  3. Second layer of shapes.
    4/5. fill in with pen tool or lasso.

Next up I will add smoke.
Thanks for watching! :boom:


Thanks so much for sharing your art process! It’s really helpful

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As others have mentioned, thanks so much for sharing your process. I was wondering if you’d be willing to disclose more about your setup for the initial trails of fire. Their movement seems rather intricate and complex. Do you simply use several instances of bent and twisted geometry and then pan the flame along using a mask to make it seem like there’s some A>B motion?

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I’m glad you like it! :grin:
Yes, It’s one mesh rotated and scaled differently. Uv mapped half the UV Space

Then I animate this mask texture:
I use custom vertex streams to offset the UV of the mask, while panning the fire texture:


Just as I imagined, old tricks are the best tricks, thanks so much for sharing! The result is excellent! Looking forward to see your progress :slight_smile:

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Really nice effect ! Love the stylization and the rhythm so far !

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Added some smoke and a black trail.
I will call this done for now.
Thanks for watching! :smiley:


Can you share how you destroy the ground? I’m trying to do something similar as an environmental impact. I’ve created a destructible mesh in Blender, but not sure how to import it into UE4 properly, or how a material setup would look to modify in Cascade.

Unless this is all just a decal you made.

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Looks like there’s something more to it. Unless it’s compression from the gif, the first and second set of cracks looks like they are distorting the checker pattern down “inwards” toward the point of impact. I’m curious too :thinking:

I’d also like to know if you’ve gone the decal texture route for the cracked ground or if you have a mesh in there somewhere (aside from the mesh debris that bounces across the floor).

Btw, how are you achieving the low FPS feel (especially noticeable on the black smoke you recently included)? Are you staggering your texture scrolling via shader or is it just a low frame rate GIF?

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