IndieDeveloperDoingVFX#1 - Fireball

I am making a 3rd person “dungeon crawler” game, and welp, thought I would post the VFX stuff I do for the sake of it. Maybe I get some good feedback, maybe it works as a resource for someone, who knows?

Anyway, I like fireballs, so I am making a fireball to start with.

Taking this post by Limeslushie as reference, made some textures, panned, made some gradients, and… got this trail (I got 0 clue why I started with the trail).

Last update:


Main body + basic impact circle.

I have seen some people adding black for contrast, which I would like to do but right now I am not sure on what.

Some darkening around the main orb will surely help with contrast
You probably can get away with the default white radial gradient as texture for that.

You could add a little bit of uv distortion to the trail texture (at a different speed than the current scrolling speed) to give it more life / variance.