Lightning/Electicity FX via Dynamic Beams

Hey all, I have been curious on ways to use ribbons/beams in Niagara to create lightning or electricity similar to the Tesla Beam FX example (below) from PopcornFX’s Library. If you guys have any tutorials please link them! I would love to discuss this further!

TeslaBeamExample - Made with Clipchamp

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I found something like that quickly.
It has some more episodes too, so probably very insightful tutorial.


Beams are really simple in Niagara.
There is also an example in the content examples, which you could just use as a base:

In the case of the gif you posted above, you would just need to sample a static mesh in niagara and randomly chose a position on it, as the target location of your beam, when you spawn your particles.

I just realised that beams are set in the emiter stage. So might need to fiddle around a litte bit to sample the static mesh etc.
The other, maybe easier way of doing this, is by just using ribbons instead?