League of Legends and Duchamp inspired RTFX - Feedback welcome


RTFX Preview

Hello peops,

I created this RTFX in UE4 Niagara. I would love some Feedback on Timing and Color.

This FX was inspired by Marcel Duchamps works of the Dadaism era and created for a university project I am having. I am trying to create League of Legends style FX with inspiration by Art History.
In this specific case i was trying to recreate Veigar skills.

I feel I am getting better in creating FX with every Effect i am working on, but i dont have any guidance in my near vicinity. I am the only one in my grade i know about who is interested in creating RTFX and none of our teachers have knowledge in Niagara/Unreal, yet alone FX.

So Feedback is much appreciated and i hope you guys enjoy the idea.