Layering VFX In Unreal 5

Can anyone help me find resources about layering Vfx in unreal engine? I was reading an article produced by 80lv

Article : World of Warcraft VFX: Overview from Luis Aguas

I’m wondering if anyone has any resources or extra information / tutorials about layering particles.

Specifically wondering how I can force particles to appear in front of other particles when they spawn.

When using Niagara, particles can be sorted within their emitter by adjusting the sorting mode.
Emitters can be sorted between themselves by setting the sort order hint value.
Systems cannot be sorted, but the components they are part of will be sorted as if they are 1 translucent object, from back to front, in buckets defined by the TranslucencySortPriority parameter of that component.

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Thanks Niels, I’ll give this a try and give an update when I can! : )

This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you again.

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You might have seen it already, but your question prompted me to do a slightly large write-up on sorting using Niagara.
You, or others finding this thread might find it useful, so I’ll leave it here: