JaredT: Sketch #13 WIP

Been so long since i have tried out a challenge. Thought I would try this one out! I just have a VERY high level idea of what i want to go for. Will do some broad strokes/concepts first and see how things go regarding what style i want.

The idea in my head is more about how a rainbow gets created. So i figured white light going through an item to create the Rainbow colours. Also thinking something fast and punchy, almost “Mini-Gun-ish”


Just some basic reference to get me going.

Got the Gif from Pinterest which points :게임원화 이펙트 자료 FX원화 : 네이버 블로그
The laser projectile vibes also are from Pinterest and point to :Lasers!
The Prism is also off Pinterest.


Ok, so i finally made up my mind.
Here is a basic sketch and some shapes thrown together.

Was playing about with spawn rate in the video.

Don’t think i will go FULL Mini-Gun.

Things that will need to be done:
Better White light beam at start.
Better Rainbow beam…thinking more psychedelic with more energy.
(I don’t think the chunky barrel needs to be that size, but may refine it.)
The look of the projectiles and impacts.

Any comments and feedback are always welcome.



So i have been playing around a bit with the challenge when i had a chance and the gun projectile started to look more like a spell being cast than then straight punchy idea I had originally thought of going for.
Still many things that need attention.

But i am happy with the speed of the projectiles now, although I also feel the trail/ribbon effect could use more work I am having difficulty in getting this right on both the behaviour and look .Also thought to add in a final impact explosion which will also hopefully add to the rainbow vibe when i get some colors in there.

Very keen to know some thoughts or suggestions :slight_smile:


Here is an update:
Added in a muzzle flash type effect.
Adjusted the Scale of the mesh in the projectile and the trails have been updated.

(edit video as there was static in audio)


Here i just threw some colour into the impact/explode effect.
I wanted to see what the flat transitions would look like.


Hey hey, so i added in some last minute elements.
I think I am done with this effect.
A few things have changed along the way but I feel i captured some of the elements i was after from my reference in my first post.
It’s been awesome seeing what others have come up with and thanks for a fun challenge.

Please let me know your thoughts and if there is any advice on execution and the effect as a whole i would love to hear it. Always keen to learn more.


The rainbow emitter must be activated in the before gunshot.
What if the bullet hits the target and the energy is charged? The larger the energy ball, the greater the explosion will take place.

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Hey @slowdive,

Thank you for the reply.
I am not sure what you mean regarding the energy being charged on hitting the target?
Are you referring to the idea that each individual projectile causes a standard size explosion, but combine the colours of the projectiles in the same location, it will result in a larger explosion?


So here is a little something extra in the beginning.


Whenever target was hit, I thought it would be nice if the target would accumulate energy and be visualized.

Sorry for my poor English.T.T

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Ah okay. I see what you mean. :smile:
I like that idea. I may give it a try later on when i have a chance.
I want to iterate further on this and will incorporate that into the other ideas going forward.
Thanks @slowdive!