Is threre a posibility to make a custom preview for emitters?

Namings are cool, but it would be much cooler if you can make your oun preview for 10th variation of the same, but slightly different effect.

Not quite sure what you mean with preview? Thumbnail you mean?

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Yep, exactly. I mean custom thumbnails

So uploading/linking an image for the thumbnail preview, instead of clicking the Thumbnail button and taking a snapshot of your effect as it appears in that instant?

  • The easiest would be inside Niagara itself. There is a thumbnail button. You can just play your effect, adjust your preview settings to what you need, pause it and then hit the button.

  • Alternatively you can do it also in the content browser.
    Create a custom ‘thumbnail render’ map, you trigger the vfx there (e.g. by having it set to looping, or by triggering it via blueprint/sequencer. Then you rightlick on the actor and capture thumbnail.

I am actually not sure if there is an easy way to upload your own thumbnails. I don’t think so though. Might require a plugin or some c++ knowledge. Maybe it’s possible with Blueprint Editor Utility.

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