Is it possible to recrate this? Currently learning VFX

(Sorry for my bad English )

So I am currently learning how to do Game VFX in Unreal While finalizing My Blender learning. As a Goal i want to recreate this. I just want to know if its Possible to do? I am still very new to this and I really dont expect to recreate this until like later on in the year

The image is not loading for me. Is the link correct?

Oh something must have happened. Can you try now?

yes, now it works! :slight_smile: it’s a very big effect, not something i would recommend to start with. but many elements could be done with a mesh and a scrolling texture on top. one keyword could be soulcoasters: VFX Basics - Mesh Soulercoasters

Maybe you could start your journey by following this tutorial.

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Okay then, I shall start with this, Thank you for you help!!