Introduce Yourself! A little about yourselves


Hello everyone!

My name is Moy Parra, I’m a character animator at Respawn entertainment currently working on finishing up Titanfall 2. Formerly animator at BLUR and PlayStaion in San Diego. Most of my work is 3D animation but I do enjoy 2D particularly in creating 2D effects.


hey gang! Very glad to see a place like this existing and being in the presence of all this greatness! :slight_smile:

My name is Marc D’Amico, I’m a VFX artist / and part-time tech artist at UBI Montreal working on For Honor. Been doing vfx in games for almost 15 years. My first game being Myst 4 (as a compositor for the live action). I’ve worked on a whole bunch of stuff here at UBI and a at few other studios in Montreal.

I started my career doing comp work for a film FX studio called Meteor Studios (some of you vets may remember that name) then moved to games a few years later. Have not turned back since. Wrote my first games when I was a young teen using GW Basic :wink: and then later C++. Then I moved into art and learned to combine the two. My brain exploded with all the possibilities and still does.

Seriously - I’m a huge fan of so many of you here. It’s really awesome to meet you all! I hope we get to chat as often as possible.


Hi all,
My name is Aaron and I’m the Lead VFX Artist at Wargaming Seattle. Formally worked at Gas Powered Games and Nintendo. I’ve been doing VFX for 9 years.

It’s great to have a forum to share and learn. It’s way overdue and I really appreciate the work in getting this site going. I really hope to both share and learn with this community.


Hello! I hope I’ll fit in here!

My name is Martin Ellis, but I go by Chaofanatic everywhere. I started out making effects in Valve’s Source Engine around 2010 or 2011 and things escalated to a point where I’m working in unity and unreal for smaller indie teams! I’m not quite as official with years of industry experience as some other people here, but I’ve always wanted to be able to talk to other vfx people easily, so I hope this community catches on! I’m excited to be here!


im a big thinking particles user and just LOVE the software. I get so much shit for not using houdini, but i just LOVE how fast TP is. you guys have been killing it recently with the liquid / viscous additions. Super stoked for the future.


Hi everybody, I’m Aram. I know some of you, and for the others…nice to meet you! =)

I started doing vfx in 1997 working on cut scenes for Jet Moto 3 on the Playstation. Then moved to episodic TV, commercials, and features with stints at Foundation Imaging, Rhythm & Hues, Digital Domain, and Zoic Studios. Went back to games after a short stint flying spaceships around for NASA/JPL and I’ve been in this seat for the last 8 years with EALA (Command & Conquer, Medal of Honor), Victory Games (Generals 2, R.I.P.), and now with DICE LA on Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1, and whatever the future holds!

Props to Keith for starting this off and I’m looking forward to sharing and learning. :smiley:


Hi everyone, I’m Thomas, I’ve been into computer-based graphic production since the 1980’s starting on a Commodore Amiga. A lot has changed in those years, and I’ve done industrial, graphic, motion/video, 3D and game design on a lot of platforms that no longer even exist. I worked for a number of years at SOFTIMAGE (kids, those were the days, let me tell you) and a few other places. I’m currently working on a couple of independent video game projects and I remain a gawking fan of all things Siggraph and computer graphics-related.


Howdy everyone, I’m Arthur Gould, I’m currently more of a tech artist/graphics programmer/tools programmer at Firaxis Games, but I still love VFX and try to get my hands involved when I get a chance. I worked as a VFX artist on Civilization 5, and did more tech artsy stuff for Beyond Earth, and now Civ 6.

I mostly enjoy non-Photorealistic effects, hand animated stuff, and more experimental tricks.

Nice to meet you all!


Good Morning!
My name is Orson Favrel, but some of you might know me as Marz Marzu on the RealtimeFX Facebook group.

I’ve been working in the game industry for 4 years now, always as an Fx artist.
I’m currently working at “Dontnod” on the game “Vampyr” and I’ve been also working on “Remember Me”, and “Life is Strange”. Before “Vampyr” I was working at “HeSaw” and after that at “Ready at Dawn” on “The Order :1886”.
I’ve been lucky enought to met really talented people and I’m always excited to Share and learn new tricks.

On my spare time I enjoyed experimenting with Houdini, try new stuff or just listen to music.

Some of my personal and professional work can be found ;


See you on the forum


Hi guys,

My name is Simon Baker, I am a Technical Artist at Weta Workshop in Wellington, New Zealand.
I have been working on the VFX for a game called ‘Dr Grordbort’s Invaders’ over the last year and a half.
This is my first gig in the games industry, previously I was working in film VFX in the effects department at Weta Digital.
Really nice to see such a concentration of talent here and I am looking forward to sharing in the knowledge.



Hello indeed,

Renzell Singleton, currently a student in Full Sail University and will be graduating soon. my primary focus is Animation, but I do like the VFX community quite a lot. hopefully I get the chance to take part of this community of VFX artists from different companies and soon find a job to be able to work side by side you guys.


Hi, Michael Barquero here, loooove the site. There’s a place for modeling/2d-art/cg-stuff in general, but was so hard pressed to find a place with very eager awesome particle magicians.

Looking forward to learning new tips & tricks!


Super happy and proud to be part of this community!

I’m a student in Animation & Game at Darmstadt, Germany. I’m here to learn, inspire and contact with all the talented users around here.
lets keep it up :slight_smile:


For further info about me:


Hi! I am christine (sometimes tina) work at fxville. been in the industry for awhile now (and i see some familiar names here- hi ya’ll!)


sound awesome to me! I`m glad to hear that.


Hi to those that know me and to those who don’t know me. I’m known as “the old man”. I’m the Atari boy who sadly yells at Nintendo boys to get off his lawn. I’ve been working in the Video Game industry since 1989 but doing VFX since 1999 when I did them for Tachyon: The Rift. After working on Jak & Daxter and Uncharted for Naughty Dog I went to some small startup called Riot to work on this League of Legends thing they had going. Now that they seem to be getting off the ground I am at Firaxis because I found out I could make VFX and play Civ and get paid for it. It’s been really cool seeing this profession take off from sitting in a programmer’s office all day hard-coding all the effects into the game to writing and designing real time VFX tools because they didn’t exist to seeing the day come on League of Legends where we could actually bring in a SECOND person to do VFX and go from doing everything myself to actually being part of a TEAM (how big is the FX team up to at Riot now, Jason?) . Teams are where it’s at now. I never really did anything alone anyway. I had @akira3d helping me big-time at Naughty Dog (especially when we went to the PS3 and everything had to be done on one sprite using shaders) and I have @Arthur_Gould now at Firaxis (getting to work with the 2 best technical artists in the industry really spoils a guy). I’d like to thank Jason for asking me to be involved in this site. I love seeing this segment of the industry prosper the way it has. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Anyway, I’ll end this text wall by saying I will hang around the forums and help in any way that I can. I love that we can all spend our days trying to impress people by blowing the shit out of stuff :smile:


@Troyzilla So good to see you on here :^D Yah, the VFX team here has snowballed into a small sports team, built off of what you guys started back in the day. We still think of you every day! We have to, since the League of Legends VFX files extension is .troy (in spite of Troy’s many protests). ;^]

Glad to hear you’re loving life on the East Side!


Hi VFX people!

I have been in the games industry for nearly 7 years now. I was hired in to Blizzard right out of college to be a Tech Artist for Diablo III. Very shortly after that I discovered that my real passion was in VFX. I shipped Diablo III and Reaper of Souls as a combat FX artist and part time lighting/environment FX artist. When the opportunity to work on Overwatch presented itself I jumped at it. I was so fortunate to be in at the ground level of creating the visual FX style for Overwatch. I am still on that team creating Combat, Character an UI FX.

When I’m not at work, I indulge in my creativity by making costumes (sewing, armor, props… all of it!) and producing large scale creative photoshoots. It might not be working with pixels or digital art, but it really does fuel me creatively to be able to come in to work Monday morning with fresh ideas. :slight_smile:

Nice to meet those of you I haven’t met yet and to see so many familiar faces!


Hey all,

I’m a gamedev student from Finland, just started a VFX internship at Frozenbyte. Pretty exciting and new stuff happening past few weeks.

My background is kinda weird as I was initially specializing in sound design in my gamedev studies at uni, but just ended up doing VFX as someone was needed to create visual effects on this great project I was lucky to be involved with. Turned out VFX is a ton of fun, so I decided to stick with it. The sound design background has been pretty useful, gives good insight to timing and the relationship between the visual and audio part of a given effect.

You can find me on Twitter @tvaarani


Hey everyone!

My name is Kyle Valentin and I am a student at Laguna College of Art and Design.

I started out as a 3d environment artist but as soon as I realized I could get a job making magic I started to learn as much as I can. I graduate this December and I’m looking forward to joining the industry with all of you!