Introduce Yourself! A little about yourselves


hi. i’m seth hall. i’m the vfx director at visceral games. been working in cg since 2000.


Hello world.

I’m excited. I’m super excited to have a group of people doing what I want to do right here. Just a short while ago I had the awesome opportunity to help a friend with a particle he was working on. I was just visiting his place to catch up and grab some pizza when he showed me his latest particle and explained the issues with it. Nine hours later and with an immense feeling of pride and accomplishment we had this awesome particle we couldn’t stop freaking out about.

I was hooked.

My name is Ian and I’m working in Unity to learn VFX for games. So far my particles are more stylized and I’m looking towards learning flash animation integration (please correct me on terminology if anything I say sounds off haha) like RIOT Games does in their VFX. I just want to continue having a blast while banging my head on the desk as thirty attempts to make something work fail until the simplest solution works.

I wish everyone the best and I hope to see you around the forums!


Reposting as I didnt get it in the Intro bar the first time … :stuck_out_tongue:

I live and work in awemazing Victoria city, BC, Canada and my work brings me very creative friends from the world of VFX and CG art. Personally, due to the long hours in front of a computer, I tend to spend time doing hand crafted stuff like sculpturing and when I feel like it - CG. :slight_smile: But of course, I am always amaze at the talents sprouting in so many games as well as movie projects. I interview and share the artist’s story here:

More about who’ m I and what I do:

Sampling of studio/FX artists’ work :

I hope to share some tips & techniques :grin: on what thinkingParticles for VFX can do or our upcoming update for finalToon (line styles). So sorry, that is what I know best and have fresh-from-the-oven to share. Anyway, feel free to interact as this is what the forum is for. Thank-you.



Hi Ian, nice to meet you - ur pizza is making me hungry :wink:


My name is Antonio Sanchez. I am glad we got another page to go to now since ImbueFX was taken down. I am currently working at The Rogue Initiative at the moment as an FX Artist. Our focus is in VR, video games and film. In my past history; took me awhile to find out what I wanted to do. Loving video games; I know I was in the right field. Just needed to find out what I enjoyed the most about games. When in school I focused on everything needed to make a game. Starting out I was a Environment prop artist; then moved on to animating an entire cast of characters since we had no animator at the time. The next project I wanted to try character art, rigging and animating. Close to the end realizing it wasn’t for me. After that I pitched my own idea and was approved wearing many hats and managing a team realizing how much I loved real time effects. Ever since then I haven’t looked back. My first released title was Alone in the Dark: Illumination was the only FX guy at the time. With being my first title my stress level was a bit high, but fun to work on. Later doing contract work working briefly for Intel for a private party and very briefly working at Insomniac Games on Song of the deep. Currently working on Titles and I can’t really speak about since they haven’t been announced yet at Rogue. My general focus is using UE4 Cascade. So if you have any questions hit me up and I will do my best to point you in the right direction.

Antonio Sanchez



My name is Daniel Kopp. For the last three years I have been a VFX artist at DICE, working on both Star Wars: Battlefront and now Battlefield 1.

Super exited to be part of this awesome community! :smile:


:slight_smile: we meet again Shiv. Nice to see u here as well.


Nice to see you too CebasVT! :slight_smile:


Now that’s a nick that hasn’t kicked my ass in Street Fighter in a long time…



So many amazing people in here. I’m so excited to join this community. I love FX and solving technical problems. Been working in the industry for over six years now I think. Currently working in Artifex Mundi (a company that you’ve probably never heard of) doing mobile VFX in Unity. I love to dive deeper and learn new things - currently I’ve been trying to learn TP and more complicated real time shaders - and yea, I need to grasp that scripting too… I’ve always loved Unreal Engine but unfortunately I have not been able to recently :slight_smile:

I was a big fan of the ImbueFX and learned a few great things there! Hope this community will grow even bigger - I’m so excited :slight_smile:



I’m Drew Skillman, long time VFX artist and a huge fan of this great community. Currently at Google working on Tilt Brush. It’s not a video game, but still uses the same bag of tricks.

Can’t wait to see where we go with this awesome resource.


Hey all,
I’ve been working at Insomniac Games for 11 years. I’ve done work around the whole art department settling into a Senior VFX Position here in North Carolina. Until recently i’ve been responsible for all the lighting, skies, and vfx for our VR title The Unspoken: Previously I’ve shipped numerous Resistance and Ratchet titles as well as recent work on Edge of Nowhere and Feral Rites. Would love to chat anytime!



Hi there,

I am working on a mobile game called The Aetherlight here in Auckland NZ. I am responsible for some of the vfx in game and am interested in learning more about the rendering pipeline and real time techniques in general.



Names Nathan. I’m currently a student at Gnomon in LA going towards my final year. Can’t wait to absorb all the abundance of knowledge here and create a kick ass demo reel soon enough.


Hey everyone :slight_smile:

I’m Lee Amarakoon, I’ve been a dedicated VFX Artist since 2007, before that I was a Level Designer who supplemented as a VFX Artist when there was a need for one on the team.

I’m currently at Bluepoint Games, previously I worked at Cloud Imperium Games on Star Citizen and several other companies in the Austin area. Can’t wait to see this forum explode with creativity, knowledge, and sharing.

Thanks Keith, Jason and everyone else from the RealtimeVFX FB group for making this happen!


Hi there!

I’m Mike Dumas, I’ve been doing VFX for about 1.5 years, so I’m still a bit new to the industry. Before VFX, I was heavily into doing illustration and character design in hopes of getting to do some concept or production art. I’m still practicing! I stepped into the world of VFX while working on Heroes of Newerth and have enjoyed it very much.

Right now, I am doing VFX at Pocket Gems and love it. I am very honored to work with such a great group of people. I can’t wait to learn more, not only from my peers at the studio, but also on here in the forum!


Hey Andreas - good to see you


Hi all!

I’m Mike, Lead VFX Artist at Cloud Imperium Games. We are currently making Star Citizen - which luckily for us requires a lot of explosions :slight_smile:

I’ve worked in the games industry for I think 17 years or so now, specializing in VFX for at least the last 7. I’m very excited to be a part of this community; hopefully I will be able to contribute a little along the way. I recognize at least one other person here (hi Lee!) and I’m looking forward to getting to know the rest of you - there’s a TON of talent here :slight_smile:

Here is our recent demo from Gamescom 2016, in case you guys are curious about what we do at CIG:

Oh and we’re hiring! Looking for VFX artists in our UK and Frankfurt studios.


I was so hyped by this year demo :slight_smile:
congrats for the amazing job.


Hello all!

My name is Marcus Bruzzese and I am an aspiring VFX artist. I have worked on two smaller titles (Shave Me 2 and BlazBlue: Battle Cards) for iOS devices but really want to break into AAA and get my career going. I’ve mainly worked in Unity and am teaching myself Unreal 4. I’ve been learning from the ImbueFX tutorials and Jason Keyser’s Youtube channel and working on my own to make stylized VFX (akin to League of Legends and Blizzard).

I’d love to push myself even further and since I really know no other VFX artists, this community looks like it is going to be an awesome resource for me.

My website is currently under construction and my reel is being updated this month! I’ll share those both as soon as they are ready.

I like penguins too. :smiley: