Introduce Yourself! A little about yourselves


Hi! My name is Chris Nordgren and I’ve worked with games professionally for about 3 years and switched between several art styles during my time. I’ve have always been drawn to do FX for games and I feel that this type of work is the most challenging and fun for me as a artist.

(Currently working on Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour as a Pixel Artist-with-extra-emphasis-on-animation: )

This forum seems to have great potential.

  • How to make topics and commenting etc feels intuitive and has a overall nice design to everything, the person responsible for this webdesign deserves a pat on the back!
  • Being a FX artist can be a very varied because of the tools,but now with unreal and unity being a strong middlepoint for FX artists we can share more tips and knowledge between each other than before.

“Still a noob at this though”

I feel with you! There is so much to learn and new tech or ideas is always evolving


Hey Everyone!
I’m so excited to join this community.
My name is Katya. I’m VFX artist from Russia. I’ve been working in Real-Time VFX for about 5 years.


print (“Hello world!”) ;

Unlike most of you, I’m actually a Technical Artist / Rigger at the moment. FX was the reason I wanted to get into this industry, and I’m trying my best to learn it better on the side. I have a background working mostly in Film, but I’ll be starting a gig at Blizzard soon (my first game company!) and really want to get more effects heavy. My hope in being a part of this community is to essentially osmosis knowledge while I lurk around, and occasionally post WIPs below your standards :wink:



Hello Everyone!
My name’s Brad Lewis, I’ve been in games since the late 90s, and doing VFX for most of that time in one way or another.

For the past 6 years, I’ve been a VFX artist and lead VFX artist at BioWare Austin on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Lately I have been doing generalist artwork for the Cartel Market, responsible for cash shop items, but am still doing a lot of VFX and looking to do more VFX focused artwork in the future.

Thanks for this community, looking forward to learning from and interacting more with you all.


Hey all,

I hope I am not too late to introduce myself. My name is Parag Ponkshe, I am a VFX Artist at Ubisoft.
In gaming since 2014. Before that, I was working for films Fx.
Currently, I am working on a few mobile games. Wish to work on some AAA titles in future.
Nice to see all “FX Gods” under the same hood. Get to learn and inspire a lot from you. :slight_smile:

  • Parag Ponkshe


Hi everyone!

My name is Samantha Spray, and I’ve been working as a vfx artist for a year now. I did the effects for a game called DubWars, as well as a decent amount of the design. I’m working as a freelancer now under my own studio: Cosmic Door Studios, and I am so excited to work on new projects! If this last year has taught me anything, it’s that I still have so much to learn, but I’m excited to be a part of this community!



Hello everyone. I’m Vianney Ternisien, working in Paris with the Lightbulb Crew team on a top down shooter called Games of Glory. I’ve been an FX artist for a year and a half since I started working there as my first job. I come from a 3D environment artist background with virtually no experience in making shaders, and I really look forward to improving in that regard.
In the longer term I’m more interested in low-poly and cartoon productions like on mobiles and handeld consoles, as color and stylization are my two favourite topics. Looking forward to learning a lot here!


Hi, I am Ali. I work in Fork Particle as an assistant manager. I oversee and assist the FX tutorials and projects happenings. Currently, I am overseeing the character animation effects director feature. Our art team has developed a wizard who is unleashing all those features through the animations and magic.

Apart from work, I love playing video games. My favorite genre is Action Adventure, Interactive drama and sports. There are plenty of games which can be called as my favorites but If I have to pick one that should be Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain. I love Prince Of Persia series as well.

I love to write as well in my spare time. Its a wonderful community out here and I am looking forward to share my experiences as well as learning from others :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Steve Jameson. I’ve been at Firaxis Games since 2010 as the Lead VFX Artist on the XCom franchise, though I have helped out on some of our other projects as well. I started in the games industry back during the early 2000’s as a modeler, which led me into shader work. From there I made the jump to VFX artist and never looked back. As such, I tend to do my most ambitious work using carefully crafted mesh particles and complex shaders, though I have a huge respect for people that hand paint animated sprite sheets or approach it in some other way. I’m hoping to learn about the wide variety of techniques and skills that everyone uses from reading on this forum, and to share my own expertise with you all in return.


Hello everyone. I’m Jonathan Bishop and I’m finishing up my undergraduate degree in the University of Utah’s EAE program. I’m planning on going to grad school at Utah as well focusing on VFX / Tech art for games. I focused the last couple of years learning and really enjoying environment art. Just stumbled across this forum and it makes me happy there is finally somewhere centrally located for rtvfx. Just getting into vfx and am always eager to learn more.



Hey everyone! My name’s Eric, I’ve been a tech artist at The VOID coming up on 2 years. The team there was pretty small when I joined and everyone was responsible for everything that needed to be done. One of the roles I filled was that of the VFX artist. Our team has grown considerably since then and I’m able to focus more on tech/vfx artist kind of stuff, trying to dive more into the world of graphics programming as well. Still feel like a newbie in everything as The VOID is my first real job in the gaming industry. There wasn’t really anyone there with more experience in VFX, so everything I’ve done up until now has just been a bunch of self taught guess work. Excited to get more involved and learn from the community here!


Hey all, My name is Scott, and I’ve been working in games for close to 7 years now. I got my feet wet in VFX working on Infinite Crisis at Turbine - you can check out some of those reels on my vimeo- and for the past 2 years I’ve been working at Zenimax Online Studios on Elder Scrolls Online. Looking forward to interacting with all you guys (and my friends who are on here too!) Really glad there is an excellent resource for our discipline I hope I can help contribute to that.


Heyo all, my name is Ryan Keable and I am a VFX artist for Mighty Games. We do mobile games with a very stylistic art approach and I am quite new to the VFX game.

Had some great fun making this though:

I’m really keen to get deeper and deeper into VFX and start building some truly amazing effects.


i love those Shooty Skies square explosions! so rad.


Thank you! It was the first time I’d really done any major VFX work, took a very different approach that suited both my technical level (completely shuriken based rather than any shader/texture components). I’ll chuck up a break down of one on this site sometime soonish!

I love your channel and your work too btw - a lot to learn from! It’s the kind of VFX that is completely foreign to me at this time and I want to get more into.


Hi there !

It’s really greate to have a community around those mighty fx in games !
I’m working at Larian studio as FX artist, and I’m a aspiring concept artist. I worked in VFX for ad and movies and aswell as a multi tasking artist for games previously.

I try to improve both my drawing skills and my shaders knowledge, yeah challenge accepted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hope I could contribute in someways despite my nood skills :slight_smile:


Hey there,
i’m Flo working as an Vfx Artist at Mimimi Productions here in Munich, Germany.
Our latest game just came out a month ago, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun it’s basically Commandos with Ninjas so if this itches your quicksave muscles make sure to check it out =) Right now there’s still a bit work left for the console versions but mainly i’m busy with the pre-production of our next project. Which i’m really looking forward to.

I’m quite eager to get my hands on Houdini in the near future so i can step up my game. Furthermore i hope our next project leaves me with enough time to be able to participate in some contests here!


Hi everybody! I forgot to post here back when this site started so I thought I 'd fix that!

My name’s Peter, I’ve been working in the games industry for goes to check LinkedIn 12 years and a few years of realtime ArchViz (using Renderware 3.5) before that. I’ve been working as a texturer, modeler, environment artist and dabbled in lighting and rendering and all sorts but for the last… er… 6-7 years I’ve been doing vfx on a variety of driving games. If you want to know about kick up and tyre smoke, I have some experience in that area

I like traveling and photography but I’m notoriously bad at editing photos so only a handful have made it to my flickr:

There are literally thousands waiting for some love but out of the ones that I’ve put online, this is one I’m really happy with:



My name is Stanislav Valov, I am a VFX Artist at DS Dambuster Studios, been at it for about year and a half now. Prior to this I worked as a motion-graphics artist for a few years. Really loving the community here and all the awesome resources shared, it’s becoming my daily routine to check out what’s new.

Feel free to check out my website -

Pleasure to be here! :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

My name is Nick Seavert, I’m the founder of and I’m currently working on making a variety of real-time tools for VFX artists. I believe with the current state of things, people just don’t have time to wait hours for things to simulate or render, so I’m working to fix that!

I’ve been doing VFX for 10 years or so and started out with the source engine back in 2007. I’ve worked on a number of games that have all gotten released on steam. I’m always looking to push the boundaries of whats possible with VFX. I moved over to UE4 back in 2013. After seeing a lot of you guys’s work, I obviously need to step up my game. :slight_smile: