Introduce Yourself! A little about yourselves


Happy Monday!

I’m Judith Crow, Director of the Games Segment at SideFX. I was in film VFX at Digital Domain in the '90s/early 2000s and joined SideFX as a consultant 13 years ago. Over the past five years I’ve shifted my focus to growing the game development portion of our business and I’m loving all the different challenges I’m encountering. I’m not much on-the-box myself anymore, but I’m looking forward to learning more about the technical and production issues you’re all facing as we shape the future direction of Houdini and Houdini Engine.


Yes ! Please! Im in love with Houdini. thank you for being with us, im looking forward for more game dev features in the sidefx pipeline :blush:



My name is Zoe Jordan. I am currently a Junior in Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University. We just recently started a VFX program here, but it has grow extremely rapidly and there are already many students interested in it (such as myself). I have only gotten into using Houdini and learning about VFX in the last 6 months, but so far I love it and I seem to be unable to learn everything I want to fast enough.

I’m really excited to meet all of you and to see what else I can learn. Hopefully soon I will be able to contribute and show off a few things I am working on as well. :grin:


Heyo buddies!

My name is Shannon Berke and I work over at Riot Games with a bunch of other amazepro Artists. I’ve been here about three and a half years and still loving it. I was picked up right out of college as part of the FX art internship program, so if you have any questions about internships at Riot let me know. :slight_smile: I currently work on the Champion Update team.

I’m looking forwards to meeting and knowledge sharing from more FX artists.


Hey All!

I’m Matt Schwartz and I am an FX Artist at Ubisoft Toronto working on a lot of the in game cinematics and gameplay stuff. Recently worked on Far Cry Primal and finishing up on For Honor now so I thought it would be a good time (now that I have time) to check this awesome place out!

So amazing to have a community like this now as there is not enough game VFX representation online. Can’t wait to explore further and marvel at what everyone has been contributing.



My name is Dominikus, being effects artist since 2012, I joined the industry in 2008 as env artist. My recent effects work is mainly Fable Legends, Sexy Brutale and now Boundless. At the moment I am dipping my head into the sea of shadercode on the one side but also more hand animated stuff on the other. So it is pretty exiting, hopefully something will come out of this, I pretty much enjoyed working with unreal and unity before this.

I hope I will be able to contribute here and there and to the monthly competition, which sounds like a super cool art exercise and community event at the same time! I followed the fab group for a while and it was inspiring all along. Great to see this all thrive here now in a more timeless and organized manner.

Today, it might be a good time to be a realtime effects artist, but thanks to the amazing hive mind of the people sharing their knowledge and passion, it undoubtedly is the best to become a great one. Thank you for this forum, long live RTVXF!


My name is Ben Golus,

I’ve been working on games professionally for over 16 years, and was heavily into the mod community for Unreal and Quake before that. I’ve never called myself a VFX artist, I prefer the title Tech Artist, but I’ve done almost all of the effects and shaders for every title released by Uber Entertainment (where I’ve been for almost 8 years) as well as some textures, modeling, level design, tools, and gameplay / graphics programming, and done some kind of VFX work on almost every title I’ve worked on.

I don’t have a good reel or portfolio to post because I’m too lazy. Instead here’s an explosion:



My name is Oskar Larsson. I work as the VFX artist at Stunlock Studios and I am currently working on Battlerite. I’ve been in the Industry for roughly a year now. I’m really excited for this forum, just found out about it! Hopefully I can contribute in some way.

Cheers! :grin:


Dude! That games looks amazing. Congrats on a job very well done!


Hi guys!

I’m happy now. We have our own place. ))

My name is Alex. I’m from Russia, do some VFX for games (Allods Online, Skyforge, Planet of Heroes), love cooking shaders covered script’s sauces . =)



Old deviations )


Hi everyone!

My name is Sam Arguez. I’m a Shader FX Artist at Bungie. I’ve been in the games industry for around 11 years. I spent my first 1.5 years as an Environment Artist, then I took a left turn into Production for waaay too long, eventually finding a comfortable home as the Producer for Bungie’s VFX team. Last year I finally convinced them to let me give up my schedules and spreadsheets and start making cool stuff! I’ve been working with shaders for less than a year, but its been one of the best years of my career.

I’m excited to see this community grow!


Hi everyone!

I’m Omar Parada. I’ve been working in VFX for games for some time already. My biggest project has been DmC, by Ninja Theory, in Cambridge, where I worked on most of the gameplay and cutscene effects. After that, I spent a bit of time in Lionhead, just before it closed its doors, and now I am at the Imaginarium, in London, working again in something very cool.

I’m glad there is this place now. It’s sometimes very difficult to get information on what we do and how we do it. And more important, who does what.


Ps. My LinkedIn, just in case:


Hi everyone,

I specialize a cinematics artist with an eye for animation and lighting. I’ve worked on many big name games and movies (Star Wars, Destiny) as a cinematics artist, but now I want to broaden my skillset with game FX. I love VFX whether its Motion Graphics, game FX or just generally observing the amazing world around us.So I have taken it upon myself to learn game FX in the Unreal engine. Its been difficult especially with a wife and kid, but I am inching my way there.

So if you know of anyone in the Bay Area that wants to give me a go as a VFX artist, please get in touch because I would love the opportunity.

Thanks for setting up this community, it’s a great resource.


Been catching up on this thread…
And I gotta say… I am so humbled by all the talent and amazing people :slight_smile:
You all rock!


Howdy everyone!

My name is Dan, and I’m a Technical FX Artist at FXVille. We do outsourcing for VFX, from AAA to mobile. My past titles include Destiny, Injustice, Guild Wars 2 and more. Currently I’m working with the amazingly talented folks at Epic Games on Paragon.

Due to the nature of working at FXVille I have experience in a very wide range of engines for VFX, both proprietary and not, though I would say the bulk of my experience has been in the Unreal Engine (3 and 4). Almost all of my work focuses on real-time application, though of course as time marches on I’ve been picking up off-line simulation for the creation of assets for use in real time applications so the line is blurring a bit more.

I’m still excited every day to be a part of this community. Let’s continue to inspire each other!



So glad you get to make cool stuff these days, Sam! Wave hi to everyone over there for me.


Hi everyone! My name is Valentine Minitsky. Currently I am a Lead VFX artist at Wargaming Kiev Studio. I have a 10 year experience in gaming industry, and during my career I was holding different positions such as Lead 3D artist and Lead Tech Artist etc. Before that I worked as web developer and flash animator, but due to my passion for games I decided to switch to game dev, and since than never looked back. I’m also a huge gaming enthusiast and I love playing everything, from RTS, TBS and CCG’s to different kind of Shooters.
So, anyway I’m happy to be with all of you here, cheers! :slight_smile:



My name is Mike Stavrides and I work on Destiny on a team called specops. We do the larger FX moments in Destiny. Ive been in games for about 4 years now and before that I worked in rapid prototyping and commercials, and film. I love all things FX and I try to stay some what active on art station and post work every release.


Ah great to see you here! :smiley:


Hello everyone!

My name is Jake Baet, and I’ve been an FX Artist for almost 6 years. Still a noob at this though. I’m currently an FX Artist at Psyonix(Rocket League). For the most part I’ve been using Unreal. I’m really glad that this website was created. After imbueFX it was hard to find a place for real-time fx resources besides our Facebook group. I’m excited to learn new things from all of you.