I want your opinion as you have far more knowledge than me: How easy is to convert a material/shader of unity to Unreal?

Hello! I think the title of this topic is very clear. The reason i make this is because there is a lot of tutorials here that i wanted to use, but they are for Unity (like a very cool fire shader i found here)
Before those saying “it depends of complexity of the shader” yeah i know, i know. But my doubt is: How different they are? Too much? A little bit? Is Unreal far more complex? or Unity? I want to know what you think. Thanks

What kind of shader are you trying to convert? Shader Graph/3rd party node based shader plugin type stuff, lines of code type shaders, or are you just looking at just the effect and thinking i wanna remake that in unreal.

I personally think whats more important here is your shader knowledge in general and whats available to you within shaders. if you understand what the shader you want to recreate is doing, either by reading nodes/code or breaking down the effect through estimated experimentation, then conversion would not be too difficult.

and the more you know the easier it gets, what is and isn’t possible, that’s using this and that, this thing is that thing but with a different name, etc.

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If you understand the basics, it’s super simple. The nodes might change, but in essence, it’s the same. Even though you can achieve the same or similar results by a multitude of different ways.


Did the shader conversion from Unreal to Unity’s Shader Graph for this project. Both have their advantages and limitations.


This is my shader editor of choice for Unity. They try to emulate Unreal’s node-based material editor, so most of the nodes are the same.

Hope it was helpful!

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