I need advice for my concept art

Hello Everyone! I just started my first VFX concept art but I got stuck at the end. Can I get some feedback please?

Here’s the concept. ( I know it looks like a giant sperm)

Looks good, but I don’t understand how it works. Is it a projectile or a lasso?

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I’m not a VFX artist yet, but I did 3D animation for a couple of years.
By looking at the image the style is super cool and I love the colors, the thing is that I don’t understand the purpose of this magic.
AOE? Lasso? Projectile? Some kind of grab?
The trail is very clear so, in terms of gameplay, a player can immediately understand that this thing it’s not good! GJ!

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Yeah, it supposed to be grouping projectile like a cowboy lasso.

Thanks for the feedback! It was actually a grouping skill like a cowboy lasso.


I changed the shape a bit in order to catch the intention I’m going for which is " projectile that collect
the enemies at the center of the arc thingy "

Here’s variation 1

Here’s variation 2