How to make this distort Shader work with particle system in unity

I made this distort shader to add to a particle system, this way I can achieve a distorting effects when the particle start dying out . But its not working like I wanted.

the distorting effects need to happen when the particle to die out, so i need way to control with the custom data.



If I understand the question correctly, you need a material controller in the particle system. Create a uv and connect to the parameter you want to change, then turn on custom vertex streams and add uv2 and custom2.xyzw, then turn on custom data and change the parameter, sorry for the english and picture quality. View this Unity - Custom Vertex Stream and Shadergraph/Amplify Shader

Thanks for the reply.

I did add the custom vertex. And I added Custom1.xy and UV3 (base on the UV2 in the shader).

But still it wont work.

Basically I’m trying to create a shader to make is effects.

i just need to understand the distortion when the Zs start fading out.

I’m a beginner so I’m not sure if I reconstructed the effect correctly. This is a combined distortion and alpha erosion(dissolve) . I will throw off the project with this effect.



Effect: (3)

Hey deadL - lets reduce the complexity and focus on 1 task at a time.

1 texture + distort by noise + custom vertex stream fade

note UV0 split-> (Blue) corresponds to [custom1.x] on the particle system
UV0 Red and Green channels in the setup are reserved for actual UV space (not customizable)

the custom1.x curve will drive distortion over time which is added → UV → texture

result at 0.1 seconds

result at 0.75 seconds

clearly the distortion has a bias; as the cumulative values > 0 move down left

let’s offset the value so that it is 1- to +1 and 0 acts as the middle

here is the result at 0.75 seconds - everything is more centralized

does this help you understand how to implement the concept better?


Thanks for the relay. It help me understand the custom a little more.