How to get started writing custom shaders (esp in unreal)

Hello! I have some basic scripting knowledge in languages like python and even know some intermediate-level C++, but I’m really struggling with finding a good Udemy course or anything that takes you from knowing very little about writing custom shaders to more applied/intermediate topics. Most of what I can find is just a few articles scattered around the Internet. Is there a good, somewhat comprehensive course on shaders somewhere, or is this something people usually piecemeal together? Thanks!


If you are trying to get better at visual shader code, this training/tutorial helped me understand how shaders work and gave me some cool inspiration for how to use them artistically. Even though this is a post processing tutorial, most of the principles/operations can translated to surface materials if you get a bit creative.

It goes over the basic idea of convolutions and shows how unreal handles rendering

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This is def cool, but isn’t this more about writing a post-processing material rather than a shader? I might be confused about the technical difference tho, maybe this does qualify?

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The way unreal handle post process effects is the same as surface materials, theres just an option to apply it to the rendered scene instead of just the surface of an object. All the nodes are ones you can use with surface shaders (except “scene texture” with opaque mats). But this video is super long and not very interesting to most so my suggestion (im no expert) is to just make weird stuff make an eyeball make a teddy bear. If you get stuck post about whats causing the issue or look up how other people do it. Learning is hard but you got this!

I would recommend Ben Cloward’s videos on YouTube. They really helped me learn how to make shaders by helping me understand what each node does. I would actually recommend his Shader Graph Basics series. Ben Cloward - YouTube


These are sick, thank you!!

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No problem. You’re welcome.