How can you create VFX with animated meshes?

Hi everyone, I’m new in this community and I’m a begginer in the VFX world.
I have just graduated and I’m trying to improve my skills as a VFX artist.
So, I’m trying to understand how the VFX with animated meshes are made in Unreal. With animated meshes I mean those VFX that spawn meshes that are fully animated, like a spirit on the back of a character, chains that moves around or like a hand that make some gestures.

Anyone knows how all of this works?

Different ways to approach.

You can create a vfxes based on the skeletal samples in the particle systems.
Some of the vfxes can be easly achived by the materials so if there’s no a particles around, you can control the shader via blueprints or a different logic.
You can also bake a VAT’s from the animations and use the animation directly in the particle system.

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Thanks for the answer.
I want to look more into this topic, do you know where I can find more information about it?
Like tutorials, documentation, webpages etc.

Vat’s - youtube, sidefx library, unreal forum related to the vertex animations for crowds.
Skeletal samples - just youtube and google

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Perfect, thank you very much!