How can i spawn effect at mouse position?

Closest thing that i get is that. But effect spawning at 0-0-0 world location.

Use a linetrace from the mouse location to find the hit location, and spawn the VFX there :slight_smile:

Thank you.
But what is the right connection for the location in Spawn system at location?

NMV. Found it! Thanks again!

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Just in case anybody else comes here looking for it:

Drag from the Out Hit and select “Break Hit Result”. Expand the node, and use the “Location” Vector 3 found there :slight_smile:

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I just wanted to add something that may not be very well known, but there is an engine plugin called “Niagara Example Custom DataInterface”, designed to be a template example if you want to implement your own data interface, which actually provides exactly this functionality directly inside Niagara!

It may not be directly answering the initial problem, but I thought it would be relevant to share (you could not use that to spawn the system itself of course, but you can use it later to do some mouse-relative particles spawn/logic)