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  • Final result


Hello, I’ve been rushing to create new VFX for the Unreal Challenge since last weekend.

In Asian philosophy, there is something called the Five Elements.
The idea is that the changes in the universe are represented by the five elements: Soil, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire.

I’ve been using this as inspiration for my VFX sketches.
I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish it before the deadline, but I’ll give it my best shot. maybe making a lot of progress this weekend.

I’ll update the sketch as I make progress.


Signature idea for this sketch is morphing with geometry cache.
I want to represent the five elements as morphing geometry.
Soil ( Sphere ) →
Metal ( Cube ) →
Water ( Streamlined ) →
Wood ( Cylinder ) →
Fire ( Tetrahedron ) →
and Soil again.

now going to fill in the VFX design elements one by one.


Little progress for Soil → Metal transition

Inspired by the static electricity that occurs when touching metal.

The goal by the end of the week is to have a rough blockout of the concept at all stages and start implementing the idea bit by bit.
As for the artistic details, I plan to start polishing them one by one next week.

Plans ::

-By the March second deadline, I have these ideas as goal

  • Sorcerer casting
    → more decorations
    → casting FX
    → maybe more character effect
  • Elemental Core Material Transitions
    → Transform materials appropriately for each step.
  • Soil stage
    → FX for when the rocks rise up
    → golden sand blast when shattering rocks
  • Metal stage
    → change material of cube to more metallic
    → More impact
    → floating steel shards
  • Water stage
    → small waterfall
    → water pool
    → water splash
    → floating water bubbles
  • Wood stage
    → vines or tree trunks are grows up and surrounding rocks.
    → grass or flower decorations maybe?
  • Fire stage
    → flame pillar appear and burn everything
  • end stage
    → elemental core goes unstable and blasted
    → Sorcerer suddenly appear from blast

– etc more ideas

total length is around 17 seconds.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to meet the deadline, but I think it’s worth a shot in the limited time I have.

I’ll be back when I further along.


With a day and a little more to go before the deadline, but I only had 16 hours to work on this.

I’m going to see how much more I can do in that time.


I was mistaken about the deadline date.
So luckily for me, that means I’ve been given an extra 12 hours, which feels great!

I’ll probably work on it one last time this evening, and maybe tomorrow evening, and submit it on time and go to work.

This clip is the interim, now let’s work on it some more


I have to go to work, so I’ve gone this far for now.

When I get home from work, I’ll do some final polishing.
So next upload will be my final entry.


Alright!, this is my final entry for ue challenge.

Spellar Performance : 5-Stage Elemental Spell Performance - Showcase / Unreal Challenge - Epic Developer Community Forums (unrealengine.com)

I submitted it in a hurry cus deadline.
I was worried that my submission wouldn’t be accepted due to waiting for post admin approval, but to my relief, it was accepted for challenge entry.

I watched my entry after the deadline, I was disappointed to see so many things that needed to be fixed, so many details that were missing from my entry.
I’ll have to take more time to work on it for the next challenge.

Still, it was a really good experience to try out some techniques I hadn’t tried before :slight_smile: