Holdimprovae :: VFX Sketchbook

Hello, I’m Holdimprovae,
I start my sketchbook because I want to motivate myself, and I want to put my future work together in a specific post.

the most recent activity from here before sketchbook was RTVFX sketch 54.

and you can check my old works on my Artstation.

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Thrm-EX from Arknights. I made this fanart for practice real-time explosion.

I made main-explosive textures through Houdini pyro and I modeled the 3D model by parts with blender and I took the model to Houdini and fracture it into RBD simulation.



Looking forward to see what you will post here! You already have made some great looking VFX. :slight_smile:

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I had a time to recharge during the Lunar New Year holiday.

Recently, I’m sketching FX fanart based on Porforever’s OC, Sunset.
Character Source : ArtStation - Porforever

I did character modeling, rigging , and keyframe animation during January,
and now I started working on FX based on this asset.

My goal is to finish this sketch within February.
I’ll update if it goes further!


HoldimProvae : Sketch - Spellar Performance - Real Time VFX
ArtStation - 5-Stage Elemental Spell Performance FX
My most recent activity was FX for the Spellar Performance challenge.

Now I’m back to sketching for sunset.
but If the monthly sketch looks interesting, I’ll interrupt this again and proceed with the monthly sketch.

Next Priority plan

  • add Transition PP
  • make rough FX for remain actions.
  • more details

looks already very cool!

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I recently finalized my artstation Medieval : Back & Forth Challenge.
my submission is Here

concept designed by Kirill Leshyshak

After uploading the video, I discovered some things that need to be fixed, but I’m just going to wrap it up here so I can move on to something new fx works.


short resumed WIP for Sunset.
The reason I stopped working on this piece in the middle was because I participated in two community challenges in a row during production.

Now I’m going to pull it back out and finish it this month.
Currently I’m working on the climax phase, and as soon as I’m done, I’ll upload the full sequence shot and start a new one. :>


ArtStation - Sunset Fanart Skill Action VFX Sketch

Finally, I’m going to wrap up this sketch at this point. As a reminder, this is an FX sketch based on a character designed by Porforever. and I created this VFX fanart by imagining the combat abilities she could use on her lonely journey filled with war and blood.

My main experiment for this FX Sketch was to do a Cloth Simulation in Blender and then spawn it many through Niagara Geometry Cache Renderer to decorate the Ambient Environment.

The Geometry Cache Renderer is still limited by poor parameter binding support, but I think there are a lot of possibilities. so I’m looking forward to future updates.


it’s oozing character + stunning vfx and audio - brilliant work @Holdimprovae

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Thanks @Dom ! I feel great to finish this sketch. :slight_smile:

I just finished my Artstation NeoTokyo challenge
concept designed by Caleb W. Davidson.

During this challenge, I conducted a few simple experiments on several techniques. Fortunately, I found a few techniques that could be appropriately utilized for this challenge. I will briefly describe the two new techniques that I tried this time.

I wanted to implement a chromatic aberration effect directly in the sprite material without post-processing effects. Regardless of the direction of the sprite’s Facing or Alignment, I wanted the offset to occur to the left and right based on screen space.

For this effect, I calculated a direction vector by transforming a normalized vector (in this case, I wanted the offset to occur to the left and right, so 1,0,0) from View Space to Tangent space, which is the texture UV space. Fortunately, this alone allowed me to achieve the effect I originally wanted.

The second attempt was to represent the KoiFish.
with a ribbon renderer. I had never used Tube Mesh when using the ribbon renderer with Unreal Engine. But this time it suddenly caught my eye and I tried it, and it felt much more alive than simply using the Ribbon Renderer.

In this challenge, I used two emitters to represent the Big Koi. The RotateCore emitter represents the position where the Koi’s heading to, and it continuously calls events through the Generate Location Event module while Rotate around point. The BigKoi ribbon renderer follows the ribbon based on the location of RotateCore through the Receive Location Event. I tried to give the feeling of Koi swimming like in the GIF above.

I wanted to create something as close as possible to the concept art visual, but I couldn’t reach that point due to time&my skill constraints. Instead, I think I successfully implemented most of the context of the concept art, so it was a satisfying challenge.


looks so cooL! very well done! <3


as I already told in Twitter, this is looking niiice :slight_smile:


great work man, really loved seeing this


Absolutely loving it, I must’ve watched the video like 20 times now :sweat_smile:
Truly one of the coolest VFX I’ve seen :blue_heart:


헐~ Your work is incredible!

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The last VFX sketch of this year was designed with the theme of ‘wind’.

I wanted to proceed with the EarthBender Sketch as well, but there isn’t much time left until the deadline to carry out the sketch. So, I will take a break until the next Monthly Sketch starts. :sleeping: :bed:

Happy holiday!


You establish a distinctive style so that when I see something, I can immediately recognize it as your creation.
Have you used this style in any shipped games?

Both I am currently working at a studio where we are developing games of genres other than Action and main tasks are more focused on R&D and tech art, so unfortunately, my art style is not clearly reflected to games.

Instead, I am conducting a lot of technical experiments and trying to incorporate as many elements as possible that I would like to include in the game. (This part is the most fun)


Great work, and exceptional timing on animation and VFX. :sparkles: :sparkles:

I only have one question about the impact frames, could you tell me how you managed to distort your watermark in this manner? Is it just camera animation and motion blur or an animated post-process material?