Slides for GDC 2019 talk: The Dao of VFX Animation

Hi everyone!

I gave a talk at GDC 2019 entitled “The Dao of VFX Animation.” The talk argues that ideas from Daoism could be useful to VFX animators, just as they were useful to classical Chinese inkwash painters. Here are the slides.

As with the other talk, I hope to get this up on youtube eventually.

Thanks to everyone who was able to come!

– Jeremy Griffith, VFX-er at Riot Games


this looks like a great talk - cant believe i missed it! can’t wait for the gdc vault :slight_smile:

This might be the reason why chinese VFX (or asian in general) is so awesome :sweat_smile:
When I saw the fire I instantly thought about this guy:
*ps: I really don’t like the blue of that water shader :smile:

@Ninjin haha yea I don’t like the color either. But we make things and move on.

Thanks for sharing this.
Mind = Blown … I would never ignore things I used to before <3
Thanks again

Having only a expo pass, I couldnt get into any VFX talks =[ Really appreciate you sharing this!

Wow, can’t wait to see full lecture!

Thanks again for both of your incredibly inspiring talks at GDC! Was great to catch them live - will certainly point the rest of our team to check them out when they hit the vault! :smiley:

your talks were super interesting, Jeremy! Thanks for sharing.

This was the only talk of yours that i was able to attend, but it was definitely the most memorable!

Talk is live on the vault now!