Help! Deleted Faces on Original Static Mesh Cylinder


So I was silly, and deleted faces off of the Cylinder static mesh in edit mode in UE4. It is the original cylinder that comes in the basic geometry section. I thought it would only edit the one I had chosen, but instead it has permanently deleted the faces for every cylinder in scene + any new ones I drag into my scene. Does anyone know how to fix this or reset it?

Thank you in advance!

You can create a new project with the default basic geometry and then export that new cylinder to the old project. You can do so by right clicking it and selecting “Migrate”.

Sorry, I should have clarified more in my original post.

I have made a new project and the faces are still deleted unfortunately.
In the old project that I made this mistake, I immediately undid the faces I deleted once I realised and saved but for whatever reason, this new project has the cylinder with missing faces.

Do you think it could need a reinstall?

Yep! Try a fresh reinstall, should be good!