Good UE4 resources/tutorials?

I’m interested in learning the ins and outs of UE4. Coming from CryEngine, I know the biggest obstacle I’m going to come across is their node based material editor. I’m not entirely familiar with working in a node based system, so I was wondering if anyone had any good resources for wrapping one’s head around it. Thanks in advance!

These ones helped me out a lot. There are a few other ones on 3dMotive that are great. Also any that you find for UDK 3 can still apply to UE4 minus a few changes here and there. Hope that gets you going in the right direction.


Here is a few from my bookmarks;


Tech Art Aid youtube channel-

Matthew Wadstein ‘What is’ Youtube channel-


Just go to UE4 “EpicGames” official website. Click on the “Learn” tab and you will find more then your time can fill to learn.

By the way Luna is also node scripting language , or you don’t do tech art?

VFX, but also materials: < has some speed creations and other depthy things. (this man is a god) buddy simon also has some cool stuff.

not super-material based, but it helps.
And the most spammed link of all: Unreal Engine 4 by Tom Looman | ZEEF


With ImbueFX on YouTube and

You will have pretty much everything you’ll need for a while. There was a digital tutors vid on breaking a bridge and importing it into Unreal, but I can’t seem to find it with their new Pluralsite domain. Aside from that and the above, you can find a fair amount of info on really advanced stuff in the GDC vault and various studio’s publications on their processes.


I’ve never heard of Luna or used it. What engine is used with?

Thanks everyone for the great links! Looks like I have a lot to dig through and should be busy for awhile

Its the node scripting language in CryEngine (equals to Blue-Print in UE).

I’m Sorry I meant Lua. my bad

Ahhh, Lua! That makes more sense. I rarely touched lua files in game. Typically, if I was doing anything in a lua file, I was in a text based program.

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xpost from my own thread but partially inspired by this question and partially something i’ve wanted to do for a while, i’ve written up some unreal 4 material editor tutorials:

hope you find them helpful!


These are great, thanks for linking! I’m going through some basic tutorials at the moment, and plan on going through these once I have that down.

I always love your texture creation techniques @Luos_83 :slight_smile:

Imbufx please come back :’(

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Aww shucks! thanks :slight_smile: hug

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Thank you for sharing the links, the tutorials have been a huge help. I’m still a newbie and have a vague understanding of how everthing works but the tuts has made the learning process go smoothly.

i make unreal engine and unity vfx tutorials checkout my youtube channel CGHOW