Goo Splatter Effect

Started on a goo splat effect. The material shader uses distance fields to find the ground :slight_smile: no physics or animation used!



Very perfect effect, would you like to share your shader? Or put forward guiding opinions

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@janson of course! Im still working on it, but ill post the shader and do a quick video tutorial this weekend. Im happy to share :slight_smile:


im too looking forward for a tut. Thanks!

@mithrils here is the tutorial I promised you. If you have any questions or feedback, im all ears :slight_smile: Enjoy!

I gotta say your tutorials are great stuff, well explained, easy to understand and the resolution of the video makes it really easy to see all the values as well. Really great stuff!

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Thanks @BinaryBobby! Hey give me your opinion. Do you like or hate the music playing while I talk? Still deciding if its distracting or pleasant. I could use a second opinion.


Personally i like the music, the volume is perfect so it’s not at all distracting and it just makes it all kind of comfy.

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Thanks for the feedback @BinaryBobby. I really do appreciate it :slight_smile:
I made a pastebin for this so people can have a look at the shader itself! Enjoy!


Hey dude! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I’ve been doing similar stuff with WPO and Distance Fields and I’m always running into lighting issues. I assume it’s due to the bounds of the object behaving strange, when doing WPO operations combined with Distance Fields. If you displace verts without DF, the ‘bounds’ update correctly, whereas with DF, they act weird.

Take a look at the outline in this comparison image:

Any ideas on how to solve this or why this is happening?
The only workaround I know of, is to use the ‘Shadow Pass Switch’ node. This however, results in minor shading artifacts on the displaced surface:


Hey @TobiasTobasco, I haven’t really looked into this. I did some other experiments with the Distance Fields and the shader I built, but I put it down shortly after to finish something else. Let me test some stuff and see if I get similar result.

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