Goo slime Slide in The Wall

This is my first time posting here I have a kind of technical question I think, and maybe someone here could help me out, I am trying to create a Goo Slime, that hit the Wall and the Slide down naturally/realistic, I am using Cascade for my Emitter if someone can help I Will appreciate.

Hi, do you have some reference or example video/pictures of what you want to achieve?

Thank you for replaying here a video of references what I am Looking for,

I have all my texture, my struggle is that in Cascade I use Acceleration for gravity, it kind of works but it moves too fast I want it to make slower like in the video.
hopefully, you can help me out I will appreciate

You would need to show us how it looks like right now, or explain in more detail how you are doing it.
Are you using a flipbook to anime the drips? Then you can just slow down the animation speed.
If you are using acceleration for the dripping, you can also just reduce it over time.
Or add a Drag module to slow it down over time.

(On a side note: I highly recommend switching over to Niagara, as Cascade is deprecated and Niagara is much better in many regards).