GIF not showing

hi guys i use realtimevfx on my daily basis but from last some days GIF not showing in some of post. its just with me or anybody here facing same problem.

like in this post i ab not able to see gif

Hello, I can see it on my side

Hi !

I am using giphy for my GIF, as they are a little heavy for the regular importation. What happen when you are clicking on it ?
Is there the only thread you can’t see the GIF ?

Clear your cache and temp files, CTRL+F5, try incognito, different browsers and if nothing works then your ISP is probably timing out during heavy loading or has blocked the host website.

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i thinky giphy is blocked in office system. i will try this link at home… wait i just try it in my phone. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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its showing in my phone. so i guess its just giphy is blocked in my office :stuck_out_tongue:

Weird… I will try to figure a new way to import GIF then, maybe you’re not the only one to have this…
On the front page, on the top, do you see the GIF or he is blocked too ? And in the preview on the main page, next to the title of the thread ?

i can see gif on front page thumbnails that’s why i opened that post but not able to see in post.

I had the problem that twitter gifs/videos would not be played and the fix was to disable hardware acceleration for media in my browser. maybe this is something you can try on your side.

I have a related issue recently: I still see all GIFs/MP4s in old posts, but when I add a new link it doesn’t show the preview/player anymore. Here is for example a GIF which is not previewed…

while exactly the same link was used in this older post from me and still does work:

Anyone has a solution for that?

SOLUTION FOUND (thx @Saiel!)

Add a little “i.” to the imgur URL and it works again! So, instead of this URL (which gets copied into the clipboard if you click “Copy Link” on the imgur website)…

you need to write this:

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