Get ID at Spawn Index when using Spawn rate?


In UE5, I have a system with 2 emitters. In Emitter2, I’m trying to use Get ID at Spawn Index from Emitter1 (Emitter1 spawns 1000 particles using Spawn burst instantaneous).

At first, when Emitter2 was using a Spawn burst instantaneous, the ID returned from Emitter1 was fine.
However, I want now to use a Spawn rate instead (let’s say 10 particles per second), and Get ID at Spawn Index returns 0.

So, just to confirm this behavior, it worked before because Emitter1 and 2 were spawning their particles at the same frame (the spawn frame was the same) ?

How could you get a consistent ID in the case of a Spawn rate in Emitter2 ?


If you are working with Particle ID,
you should enable “Requires Persistent IDs” in the parent’s emitter properties
(Caution: not the child emitter!)


I am not sure why it works for you when using Spawn Burst without knowing the complete setup of your system. Anyway, if you don’t need to update the child particle by parent particle post-spawn (Particle Spawn stage only), there is no need to get ID from the parent emitter. Just “get XXX by index” and feed the index with “execution index”.

Besides, if the particle movement of the 2 emitters are almost identical, you can just use a single emitter with multiple Renderers, and change the specific bindings like size, color, etc. This way you don’t even need to bother with a separate emitter and PAR.