GDC #RealTimeVFX Hastag Promotion: Call for Entries


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As part of the VFX efforts at GDC this year we are trying to get everyone to start using the hashtag #RealTimeVFX. As someone who has been posting and browsing a lot more on Twitter and Instagram lately I noticed there was not one tag unifying our community’s work. Let’s fix that going forward by posting more and spreading the use of the #RealTimeVFX hashtag.

One way we are hoping to promote this idea is by having a campaign for the hashtag at GDC. I was mocking up the logo version of the hashtag and I was about to drop some sparks on it in Max when I realized how sacrilegious it would be to put pre-rendered VFX on the “sacred text” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The #RealTimeVFX hashtag must only be adorned with the most fabulous REAL TIME VFX and I need your help!

Please submit a short animation (captured from a real time source) of the #RealTimeVFX composition shown, decorated in any way you can imagine, with vfx you have created.

We will use the footage to generate all manner of promotional pieces for the hashtag. The best ones will be made into buttons distributed at GDC and used in the flyer promoting the RealTimeVFX meetup. All of them will be used in the sizzle reel at the event.

  • There is no wrong or right way to alter the scene as long as you keep the general composition and the hashtag can be read.

  • Be as creative as you want or just throw the coolest emitter you have lying around from your test files and call it a day. It will all be useful in showing the many facets of real time vfx.

  • Entries should be captured at 1920x1080 and be posted in this thread by Feb 15th for consideration for the GDC events.

  • Include your real name so we can give proper credit.

  • Please post them on your social feeds as well and use the hashtag #RealTimeVFX!

I put a ZIP containing the 3Ds max scene, associated texture, renders, and obj and fbx of the letters on my OneDrive here:!AvOBT4GjM5H-nhGfmApfnvm6YTXD
Please let me know if there is any other format that would be useful. The FOV of the camera is 28deg if you are recreating the scene in engine.

Thanks -Poo


This is awesome - we’re going to move the forums setup over to use this hash tag as well. This largely just means for our twitter account, but I’d love to have all of our “network” unified under this too :slight_smile:

Thanks for engaging us with this!

Here is the orig image:

Hmm I guess you can’t upload videos here? I’ll ask Keith if there is a better way to pass them through the site or figure something else out.

Here is a quick sample entry I made from an old Fallout 4 spark file I had:

Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with.


Is the FOV and view of the tag a requirement?

My WIP so far!


This is cool stuff. Should we make an empty UE4 and Unity scenes with the camera setup to match the Max scene you submitted? That might help people match the camera and just focus on their effects.

Here is a screenshot of my WIP.


That would be great for a lazy person like me :smiley: :sleeping:

Yess!!1! Thank you for diving in on these and posting WIPs:) These are awesome!

A few notes:

  • Yes please create and share an unreal or unity scene or anything you create along the way to help others. My ZIP I shared above has my original MAX scene in it with the camera etc.

  • Make sure your final work is recorded in a real time engine.

  • I used the smaller camera FOV to flatten the text for legibility but if you like a slightly different camera to highlight your work just make sure the text is clear and fill the composition edge to edge with the letters so it fills the same area as in the original composition. Remember “rules were made to be bent or broken in favor of creativity:)”

Love the shader on the letters :slight_smile: Thanks for posting early for others to get inspired.

This is going to be really cool. I would prefer the letters fill the composition all of the way across to be considered for the buttons or flyer for legibility in small form factors. I think this composition would still look great as is but with larger letters. Thanks for posting and getting the ball rolling.

I’ll try to get to one of these after I recover from the Riot Creative crunch

Figured I’ll try something for this as well, for now, I just slapped on one of my old shaders, thinking about doing like an apparition effect, where the hashtag appears and takes its regular shading.


Here’s my contribution. Made in Unity:

My contribution. Made in Unity:

Edit: This one was just made on the fly at the job, will polish it this WE. Woohooo!!


I am planning to make an endlessly looping version too, without the fade in. :slight_smile: Though I quite like the fade in. I exported at 4k, and that is a 4k avi in my share folder. Vimeo automatically created the smaller versions that we can download too if that is better.

Looping Version: Though it doesn’t seem to loop perfectly in the Vimeo player. :frowning:

And Giphy:


oooh I love this! Good Stuff.

I am starting to put together the marketing for the meetup event at GDC. 2 more days to get your entries in for consideration. Feel free to continue to post after that, I won’t get around to the video for the event until the beginning of March so I can include anything posted before then in the video.

Publish your HD video to Vimeo or Youtube and link here or drop a link for a download here.

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Dunno if that’s too late but here’s my updated entry:

And the download Link for the Video: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

Aaand i just noticed mine was on top, i’m gonna blush :blush:

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Really nice work, any chance of a perhaps mini breakdown/tutorial/walkthrough of your steps here ryan?:slight_smile:

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Really good work guys!
One idea which came into my mind: If you would render out one frame of your simulations/effects, it could make for a nice wallpaper :slight_smile:

Or an animated wallpaper for wallpaper engine :smiley:

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