GDC #RealTimeVFX Hastag Promotion: Call for Entries



Something like this ?


I’d say may make the background slightly less black :smiley:


I wanted to get to this before but couldn’t get back to it till now. There has to be at least one with fire.


Finally found some free time to make my submission. Might be too late but it was a fun little exercise to do regardless!
Edit: Made it better :stuck_out_tongue:


I should have thought about using Vector Fields. You were using VectorayGen i suppose ? Really nice effect.


Still in time for me to use it in the footage for GDC:) Thanks.


Yeah I used up one of the 10 free exports I had before I’ve got to go buy the monthly liscense haha!


Just saw this. Yeah, I’ll put something together sometime. Probably. Maybe.
It is the opposite of efficient, but it is fun.