Free Download - Lush VFX Templates - Unreal + Unity

Hello everybody! :star2:

I just wanted to share with you a bunch of presets / templates I always end up using whenever I need to create some effects.

These are huge time savers. I strongly recommend you use those as a base to build upon your stuff! Kitbash all over the place hahaha

To import the Unreal templates to your project, you need to open the “Lush_VFX_Templates.uproject” and select the “Lush” folder. Then, right click, select Migrate, and browse to your current project’s “Content” folder.

To import the Unity templates to your project, it’s as easy as right clicking on the project browser, selecting “Import Package > Custom Package…” and selecting “Lush_Unity_VFX_Templates.unitypackage”.

With that said, I hope you find these useful. Please let me know what you think, any feedback is much appreciated.

Have a nice day! :gem:


Simple and Clean.

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Awesome, gonna take a look through now.
Thanks a lot dude!

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Wow what a fantastic resource! Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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