Fighting game character VFX showcase. - Feedback?

Fighting game character VFX showcase

Hi, I’ve posted here before asking for feedback.

After that great practice session, I continued on the project, mainly going back at older effects and trying to improve them.

Unfortunately, the project is coming to an end in the upcoming two weeks and I won’t have enough time to adjust a lot, but I wanted to ask for feedback once again for these effects and see if I can still improve on some work.

Thank you in advance for leaving a comment!

I did not work on the characters and their animations nor the level. I did work on the cel-shading and the outliner, but that was not my focus for this project.

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I like the shapes and style, but I’d enjoy a tighter timing. Fast paced combat!

Also, would be great to accentuate the damage area within the attack itself. Now it looks like the player could get hurt by touching the trail of the fireball, and so does the hit / fire shockwave afterwards.

Good job!

Hey Lush, thanks for the reply!

I agree, a lot of stuff don’t feel as impactful and fast as they could be. I made the hit / fire shockwave a lot of faster so that it’s gone before the player being hit can move again, so that there is no confusion there and I’m currently looking into the supermove as well.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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