Fede Puopolo: Grenade explosion. Sketch #15 WIP

Hey guys, this is my first post in the community :slight_smile: and this grenade explosion is a work in progress for Super Animal Royale, a 2D game made with Unity:

I did all the textures in Adobe After Effects and build up the effect in Unity using a particle system.

Any feedback will be very appreciated!


Its awesome, hope some day i could work with a master in AE and motion like you.

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Thanks Mike, it would be a pleasure

Very well done! I love the little animals too, adorable. Always nice to see cartoony stuff.

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Thanks Devin, I love cartoon violence :slight_smile:

Are you using Adobes out of the box tools for those effects? or are you using a plugin ?

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Hi Paul, I’m not using third party plugins. The puff smoke was created using masks and simple effects to create each frame and then I’m using random rows of the texture in Unity’s particle system:

For the soft smoke, burnt floor effect and every semi transparent effect I also did shapes using masks or shapes in After Effects and then I’ve added fractal noise. Here’s an example:


Here’s an example of how you can create a custom smoke texture using After Effects and playing around with the fractal noise:

Then you should export the texture to a png, create an additive material in Unity and play around with the particle system to randomize size, rotation, color, etc.


INteresting! I think i’ll give after effects a shot. Thanks a bunch!

Glad to help. Feel free to reach me if you have any question :slight_smile: