Eznaex Sketchbook - Looking for feedback


Looking for feedback on some of my VFX. Thank you :slight_smile:


Maybe the build up could be emphasized a bit more. There could be some kind of ember/fire absorption
to have even more visual feedback. When the projectile appears there could be some kind of muzzle flash that indicates the fireball summoning, even a small camera shake too.

You could also play a bit with timings too. It might gain even more punch if things are played a bit different. I get the feeling that the 3 stages (build up, projectile flying, impact) seem to have the same duration. I feel like the build up and the projectile could be a bit faster.

Overall I think it looks nice. The impact looks very cool. It has some nice punch to it. I would say every element you have works well and with polishing it can be very cool. I’m no expert but hopefully this is helpful to you jajajaj Thanks for sharing!

Thats some good feedback. I see exactly what you mean about the timing. Ill fix that immediatly. I did consider doing a build-up,but wasn’t sure what to do without it looking too much, Ill have a look around and try to come up with something subtle.

Thanks very much for this and ill post an update with the changes soon :slight_smile:

Update: Fireball_Gif

Played around with the timing and definitely feels more impactful, I tried making a charge effect, and a pop as the energy releases, though im not sure how I feel about it… I think Iv reached the point where im almost finished with this effect, but if anyone has any more feedback, id really appreciate it. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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nice fireball!
personally i would not make the source-sphere smaller but bigger. while “taking a deep breath” your chest gets bigger, not smaller.

Oh you know that did come to mind while making it but I never changed it, thanks for the feedback simon! Ill make sure to change before i upload to artstation

It’s a little hard to isolate things with the camera shake. Do you happen to have a version without the shake? That would make it easier to give accurate feedback that’s more helpful, but if not, I can try my best based on what I think is going on.

Hello, thanks very much for taking the time, Heres without the camera shake:FireballWithoutShake2

I also updated the charge up to go bigger instead of smaller, not sure if it looks better or not?

Im going to be requiring more and more feedback on my vfx as i develop my portfolio, I don’t want to make new posts constantly as I feel it would just get messy, I hope it’s ok I just create this thread into my own and post all future VFX on here? not sure if this is allowed. if not, let me know and ill create a new post.

mobile Item reveal fx - Quite a simple vfx to experiment with colours and timing. any critique appreciated.