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Hi. Sometimes I want to share my VFX work and the process of their creation. So I’ll post it all here :wink::grinning:

Got stuck early in VFX, need basic help or resources
Sword slash combo, advice are really welcome

Bamboo leaves for next effect


Was going to ask if you worked on spellbreak before seeing the reference :grin:

That’s some great stylized effect you have, it’s very close to the original one,
i would even say i prefer your colors and motions, good job !


No. A man from one company asked me to show how to make such an effect. I made this effect from scratch in 4 hours demonstrating it online. And then his company bought this effect from me. And thanks! :smile:


I want to recreate this buff from PW in Unity image


Making trails

I’ll make a gif when I finish.


Without post-processing:
With post-processing:


New VFX. No reference…
I created this magic circle using Quilts + Photoshop


variation can make a good effect great.
Try making some of the legs longer and some shorter.

Besides that it’s a great effect, good job! :smiley:


Yes, it’s better.
a b




Can I see what model you are using? Is the smoke using a spherical model or a map?


This is a sphere with bumps + Shader with custom lightning.


I’m curious。Can I see your a sphere with bumps model in 3dmax and your shader?


I won’t show the shader, only the model.


Sometimes the effect can be done in a couple of hours, and sometimes it takes a few days … I spent the whole day writing a flow shader. I did it in different ways, for example: lerp(flow _map.rg, i.uv). After all attempts, I came to the result the easiest and best way to do distortion in this way: ((flow_map.rg * i.uv0 * _Distortionpower)+i.uv


What do you think about this effect? Is it normal?


My portal FX. Portal model made by KumaBeer!



Another magic portal.


wow , nice work. I like it.