Effect I am currently working on and portfolio

Hey there!
This is an effect I am currently working on in order to build up my portfolio further.
It would be nice to get some feedback on my portfolio, because I am currently looking for an end of study Internship for the next semester and this is the portfolio I am applying with at the moment. https://www.artstation.com/saysalus


(also if anyone knows how to make bigger gifs, I would appreciate a heads up)

Hello Nikolas,
first of: you ask for feedback and you will get it. It might be a bulk of information, which doesn’t mean “everything is bad” but are mostly points to think about. I also do not review it as an intern application, there I would be more lenient, but having a grasp what to look out for will help you in the future :slight_smile:

  • Focus
    It looks like you dipped your toe into different disciplines, which is good in my books. But now your portfolio looks unfocused to a lot of people. Make a portfolio for the role you are applying to. Later you can still drop a link to the other stuff, but the first impression should show a main focus.

  • Presentation
    I quickly skipped through your stuff. And the the first thing: show effects in some context! One page, had the effects super close in a void and then in context. do it the other way around! They looked fitting in the game but up close I literally thought “meh”.
    It seems as if you made some environment art, so you are capable of creating a little scene to better present the VFX.

  • Name the purpose
    Some of your effects are under one headline like “Niagara effects”. RTVFX always have a purpose, if it is gameplay feedback, gamespace feedback or to enhance the mood of the scene. Some of your effects, I could not get what they supposed to be/do.
    A “Debuff attack” , “Jump Feedback”, “Turret laser attack” would help put it in context in my mind. Making me able to grade it much better.

  • Houdini
    It is great, that you can show that you have worked with Houdini. But if the result is not in a game engine it would mean nothing to most recruiters. (for film VFX maybe, but not for RTVFX in games).
    If you made the most amazing simulation in Houdini with a great looking render, but it cannot be used/recreated/implemented in the game, what worth does it really have?

  • On the FX themselves:
    It seems, that you understand the general technicalities, but a weakpoint seams to be motion/timing.
    to help with this, play around with some animation curves; look at some other effects and try to analyze the timings of them; make sounds with you mouth! This gives you a better feel on how long some things really are.

Big gifs tend to be also really big in size. I recommend making mp4 instead, or even better: upload it on vimeo an link it. Getting gifs “look good” while still being a reasonably size is quite time consuming.

I hope these pointers help. I wish you all the best and good luck on finding a proper internship :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your insane amount of feedback! It definitely helps me a lot and I will look into applying this feedback as soon as possible!