Do these effects occur in the post process?

Good evening.
Do these effects occur in the post process?
Does anyone know how to do it in UE4?

Create a custom Postprocess material, get the screen colors and invert them (use a One Minus (1-x) node) and connect that to the Emissie output of the material. Add that to a postprocess volume and you’re good to go!


Thank you for your reply.
It’s close to the result I want.
Try adjusting with color gradation.

That looks like just a LUT.

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Could be done using a LUT too!

@kazukonase To create an “inverted” LUT:

Use your fav app such as Photoshop or similar (I’m using Lightroom for demonstration purposes)

You just need to invert the curve like this!

As you can see, the original image has been revealed hahahahaha

Hope this helps!


I believe most of these are done using a combination of invert, increased contrast and slight hue and gamma colour correction.

You can see how the black outlines typicall of this style have not been turned white, but instead a soft yellow, hinting at extra correction towards a blue tone in the pre-inverted image.

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