DizcoDev: Sketch #62 : Torrent, Downpour

First Post..

Since I have some time over the next two days, I’ve decided to join super late! Obviously, it’s going to be a rough ride both in terms of time and considering what other entries have done so far.
But still… I’m going to try and see if I can come up with something presentable.

My idea is to show flowing streams of water during a downpour in a stylized setting (since I’m not really into stylized stuff, I think it’s a good opportunity to try) … so that’s another challenge :smiley:

Will follow up with my progress later…


Hey y’all,

Sooo, I totally underestimated the urge to get some sun (Summer just kicked in here with 26C) and yeah…

I’ve spent far less on this one as I had planned, and as a result the effect isn’t there where I wanted it to be…by quite some stretch actually.
Colors, Shaders, Timing and other things are not spot on by any means.

But I still decided to submit it instead of just going silent on this one.


Maybe I will find the time to work on it properly in the near future.

Your suggestions, critiques, or tips are greatly appreciated!

I wish everyone who has submitted their work good luck! There is a lot of cool Stuff going on there!

Kind regards,