Divinity : Original Sin 2 - Necromancy VFX study

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I had been looking at the Divinity : Original Sin 2 DE (One of my all time favorite series) VFX while playing the game a few days ago and I saw this effect and it really caught my eye

Don’t really know how to approach it as usual, but I have general ideas for most of the components. I threw up a quick proof of concept in Unreal to see if it would work.

Bar the timing issues, I think it’s pretty close and might work for this.

I’ve decided to make a study of this and try to recreate it.

Looking at the effect right now, I see these components :

  1. Ground pentagram scribing in.
  2. Dust/debris Particles along with the pentagram.
  3. Blood starting to appear and filling in from the corners of the pentagram.
  4. Candles appearing in on the perimeter of the circle.
  5. Dust/Debris particles for candles appearing in.
  6. Ring like particles spawning around the player, moving up and scaling out.
  7. Fire particles for the candles.
  8. Blood thingies getting sucked up.

There also might be some ambient smoke particles in there.

Any tips/critique is always appreciated! :blush: :star_of_david: