Custom vertex data glitch?


I’ve been having this texture glitch which has stopped me from using custom data with particles in unity.

The attached gif shows the glitch of the UV offset,
Basically, when pausing, the texture displays correctly,
yet when playing, the texture glitches out instead of playing its offset according to my curves.
I’m using custom Y in the example attached.

This simple setup used to work in unity 2019, but somehow does not work on my current version of unity, “unity 2022.3.14.f1”.

Same issue persists for using custom data with particle trails, which I believe was a feature introduced in this version, tested it, the parameter was exposed which is good, but it glitches once I try to control it using curves.

Kindly let me know if this is indeed a bug, or that I am doing something wrong somewhere.
Thanks and have a nice day kind soul.


You are scaling time with this custom data not offseting texture, remove time node and put just the vertex stream input in offset

Thanks! it works now :saluting_face:

Somehow I had always thought that vertex stream is a float value that can be used to replace other float values.