Course for realistic VFX in UE5

Hi guys, I’m a junior VFX artist, and I’m trying to improve my VFX knowledge.
Until now, I’ve always experimented with stylized fx, but now I want to try to create more realistic fx for Unreal 5.

I’m currently trying to find any courses that could teach me that (even the paid ones).
Do you guys have some advice or recommendations? Do you know where I can find such courses?


  1. Udemy and Coursera: Look for courses on Unreal Engine with VFX modules.
  2. Pluralsight : Offers comprehensive Unreal Engine courses including VFX.
  3. CGMA (Computer Graphics Master Academy) : Specializes in game VFX courses.
  4. ArtStation Learning : Has Unreal Engine VFX tutorials.
  5. YouTube : Find channels dedicated to Unreal Engine VFX.

Choose courses with practical projects for hands-on learning.

Best regards :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Maria,

Thanks a lot for the replay! I’ll check them out for sure!