Community Game Nights


Sadly, I’m not able to join today. Have fun :smile:


Down with a cold today so can’t join :frowning: Might be a good idea to post in the discord channel too so more people are aware of it if you’ll play tonight.


Another Game Night is upon us! This saturday (Oct 27th) join me and Daniel @Kopp (Ubisoft VFX artist) for some Halloweeny game fun! I still vote for Overwatch but I’m open to suggestions.

We’ll start as usual at 6 pm CET. Hope I’ll see you there!


Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:


i could imagine that it could be really nice to watch you guys via twitch/youtube if you’re streaming and maybe even talk you without playing the game by myself. not sure if this is against the idea but could be nice if the group doesnt grow too big :slight_smile:


I have been toying with the idea but I haven’t reached a conclusion. It would be nice for people who doesn’t want to stay in chat and so on to see what we are playing, but it would also be a lot more public which I’m not sure is a good thing. If people want to watch there are several spectate slots in the game and you don’t have to speak in discord. You are free to lurk (or just talk in game. Looking at you Kate)


Aaaah, what a bummer, unfortunately I’m not able to join - again. Have fun! :smile:
Haha, I really have to fix my discord issue till next time xD


This is going to be a good one! So far it seems like we have yes two Ubisoft VFX artists and one “Probably” from a DICE one. It’s looking to be the one with the most industry people so far :slight_smile:


Maybe if you guys decided to play Battlefield instead of Overwatch, that “Probably” will become a “Yes, definitely”?


I would guess the opposite. They are about to ship a Battlefield and are probably extremely sick of it by now. Do you ever play a game you’ve worked on after release? :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol, I played the shit out of Paragon. It was also my first MOBA experience, so maybe I got a little addicted haha. But I mostly just did grunt work on that game, so maybe I wasn’t as burnt out on it.


Hmm, I might join again this time, I don’t really have anything planned.
That makes it 2 Veterans from Ubisoft, 1 from Dice, and one tosser who doesn’t know what he’s doing, hihi :smiley:


So we kick off with some Halloween styled Overwatch in about 5 hours!
if you want to join and have a crappy connection, start updating now.

I also have an idea of streaming some Houdini/Unreal Engine work afterwards. When the Overwatch excitement starts calming down, I’m going to build a thing for my patreon. Is there interest in seeing that streamed? It’ll be ugly. I don’t work pretty, nor efficient. I can also not guarantee it’ll work as it’s a new thing I’ve never built before.


I can make it tonight! Stupid question, Americas or Eupore server bootage?


Europe! Awesome that you can make it!


I had a lot of fun. Thanks for hosting! :slight_smile:


Was super fun! Thanks! :smiley:


Let’s do it again! Last time we had both a record number of players and a collective record number of years of experience. I think we topped 50 years as VFX artists for a while :slight_smile:

Next saturday is the first of december so bring that mulled wine, gingerbread and let’s play some overwatch and argue about overdraw!

See you all there!


Sounds good to me see you guys in december


Hmm, I may have spoken too soon. I might be busy on that date. :frowning: Maybe someone else feels like hosting?