Community Game Nights

Next game night is Oct 31. Halloween! Starting around 18.00CET. See you there!

There was a discussion on the discord server about Gamedev meetups in bars. Many people are uncomfortable in a bar setting which makes it even harder to socialize and build connections. So, instead I proposed that jumping into voicechat and playing a few rounds of a game together while chatting about nothing in particular would be a better idea. If it takes off, we can invite more people from the industry. Perhaps special events like playing Battlefield with the DICE crew or a game of Overwatch with Blizzard.

This is meant as a community building excercise, nothing more. It’s not a recruitment drive so don’t go into it trying to pitch your CV :slight_smile: Just playing some games with some friends (who could potentially hire you in the future).

For the first one, I suggest Overwatch at 18.00 CET next saturday (22 september). Location: The comfort of your micenabled home. I’ll set up a channel on the discord server for it.

I’ll see you there!


Sounds fun!! Sadly I am traveling at those times so I’ll miss it.

You can join the next one! :slight_smile:

Definitely down for this when my life is no longer consumed by crunch


This is a great idea! I’d love to hop on and play on of these days.

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The idea is headed in the right direction but kind of like the bar, locking people into a type of game might leave some folks behind that would have loved to participate in the meetups, right?
Perhaps the meetups can happen for people playing and not playing the game but I don’t really know how that will play out, lol.
My two cents, cheers.

So instead you suggest: [insert universal solution here]?

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Ooops, sorry man, busy at work today.
Here is one.
Perhaps, isn’t just about playing games with others, what about watching a playthrough of the latest God of War game. Then, we all get to talk about the vfx since it’s a carnival of those :slight_smile: it could be the same meeting format but you wouldn’t confine the conversation between the players but it would be open to whoever has signed in. Kind of like what Bill Kadis used to do with Imbuefx.
Anyways, I am sure other people can come up with more ideas. I am happy to participate once this takes off.
Let me know if you have any questions.

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Host it! I like playing games, so I figured I’d host a game night. If you want to do an analyzing session, do that!

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That sounds fun and interesting :smiley:

Maybe we could have one of our own play the game while we discuss? That way we could focus in on interesting aspects that we like and just stop and appreciate the effects, instead of being thrown around by the whims of the specific playthrough video. (Might not work aswell with online multiplayer games :smiley: )

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okidoki, keep us posted.

So the last game night was a success! There was some gaming, some critiquing and feedbacking and general good times!

It’s a bit shorter notice but I want to host another one this Saturday , Oct 6, 18.00 CET.

There were suggestions for games like Quake and TF2. Overwatch worked well last time as the custom games matched the size of the group so I wouldn’t mind playing that again but I’m happy to switch it up. Let me know below if you have game preferences or topics we should cover. Last time we discussed the participants sketches. We could do that again or we could look at reels or argue about raymarching or raytracing.

See you there!


sounds like a lot of fun i’m definitely joining

Sounds like fun! I’ve read Overwatch, soooo … if you mind playing some rounds again, then count me in! :smile:

Ooh I wanna hop on this, but that’s like 1PM here, so I might not be able :frowning: . Oh well another time.

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Sounds fun! How I can join the discord server?

By clicking this link: Discord


Last night was really successful! Even more people showed up and it was super fun. There were requests for doing it again next week. I am not able to join next saturday, but if someone else feels like hosting it, go for it! Perhaps someone in another timezone can do it to let even more people join in.

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Awesome idea! I’d definitely join the next time :slight_smile:

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hey guys so im not sure who is going to show up for the game night on sat im going to be in discord Oct 13, 18.00 CET

See you there!