Chinese Vfx courses

I was just strolling around in cg joy and saw their course videos, though i did not understand anything the visuals were more than enough, are there any such courses available for people outside china, As far as i have researched i found courses till intermediate and basic but none as advanced as the chinese vfx community
Help will be appreciated
Thank you

Yeah, some of the Chinese vfx courses are incredible. There’s an entire topic about it here:

If you’re looking for stylised, I think either the VFX Apprentice course ( or this Rebelway course (Rebelway Course: Stylized FX for Games!) are the closests to ‘Advanced’.

There’s also a lot of indvidual small nuggets hidden all over the internet. E.g. the old Imbue FX tutorials by @imbueFX , the Houdini for games videos by @Partikel etc. You’ll just have to search around.
We also have this post for beginners, some of the tutorials I mentioned are linked here: